Tips For Stand Up Paddle Boarding For Beginners

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Stand up paddle boarding is part surfing and part kayaking. It is a fun and a relaxing activity that almost anyone can do and one of the best workouts out there. It is indeed a great way to get into water without needing a lot of equipment. Stand up paddle boarding can be considered as a complete body workout since it requires a combination of balance, strength and endurance. The best thing to do is to find calm water and calm wind if you are a beginner. Calm water is ideal for you to learn balancing on the board. Waves will make your board unstable and if it is your first time you will be discouraged. Comfort is the key for the first timers.

Choose the right type of board.

First of all you need to choose a type of board. For beginners multipurpose stand up paddle boards are the standard boards and they are typically used for flat water paddling such as rivers and lakes. If you want to ride waves go for a surfing paddle board, however, they are less stable than the longer boards. If youre an experienced paddle boarder you can get a racing board as they are excellent for fast wave riding competitions. You could also, choose a yoga or a fitness board to practice yoga on the water. If you have storage issues you should definitely look for an inflatable board. There are a wide variety of right stand Up Paddle Boards for sale online pick the one you prefer and do the payment.

Understand the basic steps first

You can practice prone paddling and to do so you need to lie down on the board and paddle as if you are swimming with one arm on either side of the board. Knee padding is easy and you should practice this before you actually stand on the board. Carefully sit up on the board and position yourself on your knees, remain in the center of the board and paddle. You can slowly stand up by adjusting your feet as necessary and once you are balanced on the board start paddling. When you have had enough practice and experience you may even share your SUP or surfboards Australiawith your kids or other family members, make sure to get a longer board so it can hold extra weight.

More important tips!

Keep in mind to paddle on one side of the board until youre facing the direction you want to go. To take smaller or quicker turns use back paddling. When you want to stop your board back paddle a few times this will slower your board but make sure that you dont continue back paddling because this can cause your board to turn.

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